Madame Alexander 18" Favorite Friends Play Dolls


Special Dolls that are just the right size to become a young girl's Favorite Friend

Favorite Friends have a lot of clothes and accessories available to making playing with her extra fun!

The 18" Play Doll has been the #1 choice of dolls for young American Girls to make their best friend

Favorite Friend Dolls, Madame Alexander's answer to the popular 18" American Girl Dolls. This has been the number one dolls for young girls to have as a friend to a play with. The 18" Favorite Friends dolls are made for ages 3 and up, but they are best for girls ages 5 to 10 years old, who want to have a doll friend that can do what they do, and go where they go. Our Madame Alexander and 18 in. Favorite Friends line of play dolls for sale have all the traditional clothes like pajamas, but also come with the accessories to have a pj sleepover party.

Whatever the young girl is in to, you will probably be able to find a Favorite Friend Doll or a clothes outfit available to match. Like having a birthday party, taking care of a dog or cat, joining a sport, spending a summer day at the beach in a bathing suit, a snow day in a winter snowsuit, a rainy day in hat and boots, becoming a hairstylist, a ballerina, a princess, or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. There are even her favorite Disney Princesses, like Elsa, Anna, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid, and Belle.

Our Madame Alexander dolls for sale and Favorite Friends dolls are the same 18 in. size as the American Girl doll, so all the clothes offered can be used on both. As well as all the accessories like doll trunks, and furniture like beds. Everything to making playing more fun. The Favorite Friends dolls are available in different hair and skin colors, so the young girl can have a friend that looks like her or somebody different. There are white American Dolls, African American, Asian, and Spanish. Different dolls have different hair colors, and one series offers interchangeable wigs in either blonde, brunette, black, and red. 

So, if you are looking for the perfect play doll for a young girl, that she will treasure and take with her everywhere, choose the right one from our Madame Alexander 18 in. Favorite Friends dolls for sale - she will be her best friend!