Madame Alexander Americana Series Dolls


New and Hard To Find Retired Dolls

Dolls about everything we love and do in America

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The Americana Doll Series are one of the most collectible 8" Dolls in the Madame Alexander Doll Line

What is the Americana Doll Series?

The Madame Alexander Americana or American Doll Series is everything that little and big girls dream of, love to do, and become in America. The Americana dolls are what living in the USA is all about. The dolls are designed in the 8" Wendy mold, the most collectible size in the Alexander Doll line.

Little girls dream of being a Princess, a Ballerina, a Fairy, or a Mermaid. The Alexander Doll Company have designed a large selection of Ballerina dolls in different style of tutus and many different colors, with the most desirable being pink, purple, and blue. Madame Alexander Fairies or dolls with wings, like Angels are all part of the American series. Princess dolls can be a Daddy's little Princess Doll or a pretty Pink Princess Doll. The Mermaid dolls can be rare and hard to find.

You will be sure to find dolls of girls in sports. There are Madame Alexander dolls of Gymnastics, Golfing, Baseball, Hockey, Karate, Working Out, Tennis, Bike Riding, Soccer, Ice Skating, Snow Boarding, Horse Riding, the list goes on. If you are an American Girl you love sports, and so does Madame Alexander.

If you're an American, young or old, you treasure all the things you can do or you have memories of doing. Madame Alexander dolls are available as Wendy Traveling, Dancing, Playing Dressing Up Like Mommy, Playing and Swimming at the Beach, Playing Bingo, Going to the Drive-In Movie Theater, Talking on a Phone, Becoming a Big Sister, Walking for Cancer, Walking the Dog, Going to Grandmas, Going to a Fair or a Circus, an endless series of dolls of life in America.

The Americana Alexander Collection is offers dolls of what we become when we grow up, what professional jobs we do. There is being a Waitress, a Taxi Driver, a Doctor, a Nurse, a Seamstress, a Chef, a Dancer, a Singer, a Movie Star, whatever you can imagine .............Madame Alexander Americana Dolls are about us!